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What You'll Learn

1. Work from Home Solutions to Transition Careers, Jobs and Businesses

  • Transition to get the job, promotion or business you want - while you stay safely at home.
  • Find out the secret tool that 90% of Fortune 500 companies use to hire, and how you can use it to reach the top of their lists, and tools that write your resume in minutes…instead of hours.
  • How becoming a Hybrid Hero with the Perfect Pivot in times of social distancing, can land your dream job.
  • Learn strategies and best practices for working from home while navigating these uncharted waters. If you’ve been laid off, you’re in between jobs, or you want to promote your career or business, join us and discover the techniques to build an effective job search and maximize your chances of achieving your dreams amidst challenging times.



2. Marketing strategies to promote yourself, your career or business

  • Self-branding secrets to your dream job or business at home
  • Style yourself for job-winning video interviews
  • Pivot your transition with your own story, in your own style.
  • Remote work isn’t always easy. It’s a new work style for many. Should you even bother dressing up when there’s no one to impress and no outside activities to plan? You may not need a dress, suit or tie but your digital style is a necessity because NOW - 94% of job interviews and work meetings are on video.



3. Survive and Thrive, Anywhere, Your Way with Success Under Stress

  • Secrets to inner peace, as you adapt to a new normal amidst disruption and uncertainty.
  • How to stay healthy with botanical anti-viral treatments, and a powerful mindset
  • Instant stress relievers to create a healthy work-life balance at home.
  • How do you stay productive, creative, and inspired in these difficult times? Learn tips and tricks that help you create a healthy balance – even if your office is your couch.


6 Experts Reveal Secrets, Tips and Tricks!

Stephany Greene

  • For over 25 years, the Stay Summit’s Host, Stephany Greene, has been a marketing, public relations and branding expert, influencer, fashion designer, stylist, author, professor and strategic partner on multi-million dollar campaigns for household brands such as Vaseline, Caress and Kotex.
  • Clothing collections Stephany designed have earned over $90 million in sales for Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, The NFL and the NBA, and her clients range from celebrities, CEOs and housewives, to Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s and The Gap. 
  • She has been featured on CNN, Bravo, BET, ABC and NBC, and in The New York Post, Business Insider, Red Book, Real Simple, Essence and Ebony Magazines.
  • She is also the Author of “Stephany’s Style Secrets: 7 Steps to Live and Dress Your Best”, and creator of the online video course, How To Style Yourself.


  • 50% OFF Stephany’s video course, How To Style Yourself.
  • 70% off one-on-one coaching with Stephany (4 Zoom calls)
  • 50% off monthly membership group coaching with Stephany
  • Free Book Sample from Stephany’s book, “Stephany’s Style Secrets: 7 Steps To Live and Dress Your Best”
  • 10 Free Self Styling Tips for 10 Days
  • Access to the secret online tool that 90% of Fortune 500 companies use during hiring, that may help you reach the top of their lists, and tools that will build your resume quickly in minutes, instead of hours

Stephany will show you self-marketing strategies to promote your career, brand and business, that you can do from home. She will teach you how to enhance your video interviews, and she will reveal the secret online tool that 90% of Fortune 500 companies use during hiring, which you can use to reach the top of their lists.

Don Napoleon

  • Don Napoleon is an Emmy Award winning Video Journalist, Producer and Teacher, sought after industry expert who has worked with MTV, TV One, Twentieth Century Fox, Essence, the U.S. Senate, the House of Representatives and the Super Bowl.
  • Don is also Founder of Exposure, a non-profit organization which offers real-world training to college students pursuing careers in multi-media and arts industries.


  • Free Video - Easy Tips To Set Up Videos That Flatter Yourself
  • 50% off one-on-one coaching

Don Napoleon, shares his insights on why you must be an expert at telling your story, how to make it compelling, how to use your story to get your dream job or business. He will also offer bonus tips on how to empower your presence on video.

Dr. Sharon Melnick

  • Dr. Sharon Melnick is the CEO of Horizon Point Incorporated, best-selling Author of Success Under Stress, and Confidence When It Counts.
  • Dr. Melnick has been informed by 10 years of research at Harvard Medical School, and she has trained and coached over 30,000 people at over 35 Fortune 500 Companies.


  • First 5 win free access to Sharon’s virtual course - Success under Stress - based on her book. Take the course on anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • 20% off a one-on-one coaching session

Dr. Melnick will show you how to get promoted in record time, how to achieve Success Under Stress, and she will describe her "Magic Bullet” strategy to free yourself from self-doubt in only 3 steps. Stress is life's ultimate disruptor, reshaping people’s work life, family dynamics, and finances can be overwhelming and destructive. The good news is, there are so many ways to control it, and Dr. Melnick’s strategies offer tangible advice to help you gain control amidst everyday chaos.

Brian Arrington

  • Brian Arrington is Founder and CEO of Vets2Industry, a one-stop-shop non-profit with 40,000+ Veteran Service Organizations that serves current and transitioning military and veterans.
  • He is a veteran, with 20-years of distinguished service to the U.S. Air Force, a Business Initiatives Consultant with Wells Fargo, and a Global Goodwill Ambassador.


  • Free 30-minute LinkedIn coaching
  • Free one-on-one coaching for veterans
  • $25 off One-on-One Coaching, original cost $100/hour

Brian knows that transitioning from military to civilian life is a daunting task with an array of challenges. He will explain how to seamlessly transition from the military to civilian life easily and successfully with his fast track to connect with military-friendly employers and recruiters, and network with 40,000 resources nationwide.

ShaKeia Kegler 

  • Shakeia Kegler is a Navy Veteran, Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, and Founder and CEO of GovLia, a marketplace designed to increase transparency, accessibility and simplify how small and diverse businesses sell to state and local governments.
  • She is also a founding member of Code To Eat, a non-profit whose mission is to educate and empower undeserved communities to leverage technology to create their own economic opportunities.


  • Free PDF Guide for Doing Business with the Government
  • Get your business discovered by 100s of government agencies on exclusive Supplier Diversity Eco-System Software, with FREE lifetime access (limited time only)
  • Free training videos on doing business with the government.
  • Free access to exclusive business resources

Building your own business can be exciting, but it can also be challenging and overwhelming. Shakeia will explain tips to start or build your business with thousands of government contracts, plus bonus tips on how to run a successful business “virtually” from home.

Rodney Hughes 

  • Rodney Hughes, is a Reiki Master, and Founder and Executive Director of iNSTITUT Therapeutate and Therapeutate Parfums with 25+ years of experience in the fashion and beauty industry where he has led global teams around the world as a Product Developer and Technical Apparel Engineer for Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Sears, Macy’s, Kenneth Cole, Fila, The Gap and Armani Exchange.
  • He was invited to speak at Cosmo Talks in Italy, and he has been featured in New York Magazine, Soulivity Magazine, Fragrantica and Ca Fleure Bon.
  • He is also the creator of his online course called Natural Perfumery Training, and he is a Board Member of The International Perfume Foundation, and a member of the International Perfume Foundation, and the Natural Perfumers Guild.


  • 20% off Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Viral Protection Spray, 2 fl oz.
  • 20% Off Virtual Reiki Healing Session - while you stay home

  • 20% off all Branding & Fragrance development services offered by Natural Perfumery Training/ The Smoking Room University of Olfaction on the WixApp
  • A free Raw Materials Kit for the first person to register for Natural Perfumery Training Webinar

Rodney will teach meditation techniques to reduce stress and restore your sense of control, and special tips he uses to heal clients from afar with virtual Reiki sessions. Rodney will also provide exclusive bonus access to the botanical anti-viral travel spray that he invented.

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